Bo's Gifts

Photo I took of the snow on the mountains in Cali.  Added the name, date, and graphics with Paint.
Below are gifts given to Bo.  We are so thankful for them!

Certificate of Life

Angel I crocheted

Bo's Painted Rock - Thank you so much, Kyla!  You are amazing!

Bo's Pinwheel - Thank you so much, Shauna!  The photos are awesome!
Bo's Subway Art - Thank you so much, Angela!  It is gorgeous!

Bo's Clay Name - Thank you, Anna!  So gorgeous!

Another photo of Bo's Clay name! - Thanks, Anna!  Very beautiful!

Bo's heart - Thank you, Rhonda!  You are awesome!  The heart is gorgeous!

Bo's handkerchief - Thank you, Debby!  It is beautiful! <3

Bo's 3 month Angelversary - Thank you, Kyla!
Bo's 3 month Angelversary - Thank you, Kyla!
From Catherine @ The Sacred Seashore & Gabriel's Garden!  Thank you so much!

Bo's Memory Box & all the treasures inside from Tayler's Treasures - Thank you so much, Vicky!

Baby Loss Support Bracelet that was inside the memory box!

Baby Angel charm {made by Personalized Custom Creations} that was included in the memory box!
Bo's hat, pin, and bookmark from Kaia Angel Hat Ornaments!  Thank you so much!

Bo's Clover Name - Thank you, Catherine from Gabriel's Garden!
Thank you Jamiee's Angels!
Thank you Gianna's Light!
Thank you Project B.E.A.R.!

Thank you Treasure From My Heart!
Thank you, Jessica! <3

Won in a giveaway from All That Love Can Do!  - Photo by CarlyMarie! <3  Thank you both! 

Thank you Seasons of Grief!