Friday, May 24, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!
May 12, 2013

For Mother's Day, I enjoyed the day relaxing, then went out to grab dinner with my fiance.

My fiance, our dog, and me on Mother's Day!

I called my mom to wish her a Happy Mother's Day!

Out of my family, she is the only one who wished me a Happy Mother's Day as well {not including my fiance}!

I was a little hurt that none of my other family called, text, or sent me a message to check on me this Mother's Day!  I guess I was just expecting a little more from them, but it is okay!  I had a wonderful day, anyways!  I have a wonderful community who supported me, thought about me, and sent me messages.

I even received some gifts for Mother's day from some of my friends.

Catherine from The Sacred Seashore & Gabriel's Garden sent me this photo!  It is so beautiful! <3

Bo's name was included in this photo, taken by one of the Moms, Brenda, who participated in the Mother's Day Name Event!  {I will be posting all the photos that I received through this event later in the month!}

Ballons on the beach from Gale @ Fittsies' Angel Balloons.  So beautiful! <3

You can see Bo's name on the bottom left side! <3

Painting from Kyla @ Tossie's Tree!  She is so talented with her paintings!  <3

Bo's Name plaque/statue from Catherine @ The Sacred Seashore & Gabriel's Garden! <3  I absolutely love this!  I stare at it daily! <3
Bo's Block from Maura Lynn's Baby Loss Memorial Blocks!

Here are some things I did myself:

I love seeing his name, and I thought this was so beautiful! <3  

A drawing I did on 5.10.13, while thinking about Mother's Day!  {No, I am not a artist! Please do not criticize my child-like drawing techniques!}
The status I wrote on Facebook for Mother's Day:

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Moms! 

To all the Moms who have children on Earth,

& especially to those who don't! 

To all the Moms who have children living at home,

& to those who don't! 

To all the Moms who want children, but cannot or have not 

had any! 

To all the Moms who have no children, but take care of 

everyone else's! 

To all the Moms who adopted instead of birthing! 

You are all Mothers! You are all beautiful! 

Happy Mother's Day to you! 

Happy Mother's Day to my baby boy!  Without you, I would 

not be a Mom!  Thank you, Bo, for making me a Mother!

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