Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I couldn't get this posted yesterday as I was having too much fun celebrating Valentine's day with my fiance, but here it is now.

Our day can best be imagined/described through pictures, so forgive me for the overload below.

"I love you" french toast for Justin!

"Heart" french toast for me!

View from our picnic table where we ate a late lunch!

Us after eating lunch!

{I think this is the best pic I have taken in a while!}

Justin looking at his gift {a "book of love - love coupons}!

We had someone join us for lunch!

I burnt my fingers cooking dinner! OUCH!

Got these hearts in the mail from Rhonda {a great Valentine's day gift}!

Also got my rock in the mail from Kyla {another great Valentine's day gift}!

So beautiful!

Bo & his Angel friends celebrating Valentine's day {each heart has a name}!

Since the names couldn't be seen on the hearts, I wrote them on the table!
Bo's Valentine I made him! <3

My fiance and I ate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert together.  This is something we don't often do, even though we spend pretty much every minute of every day together!  We also don't usually go out {leave the house}, unless we absolutely have to, so it was nice walking down to the park to eat our lunch.  We are definitely planning on doing that more often!

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our day together!  And I enjoyed sending love and happy thoughts to Heaven for Bo and all other Angel babies!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. this post made me want to have french toast tomorrow :P Belated Happy Valentines Kayla! thank you again for including Alanna's name ♥♥♥

    1. Anna,

      French toast is yummy anytime! (: Thank you, and it is no problem! <3