Monday, February 18, 2013

I did not lose my child

I hate that term.
I didn't lose my child.
But yet, I use it all the time.
We all do.


Because we dislike the term death more.

Nobody wants to hear about death.
Nobody wants to talk about death.
Even though death is a part of life.

That is another term I hate.
I didn't miscarry my child, either.
I carried my baby the best way that I knew how.

But, I will still say that I had a miscarriage over my baby died.

I still say that I lost my baby, even though I didn't.
I know exactly where my baby is.  He is in Heaven.

So, even though I may still say that I lost my baby, I didn't.

And, even though I may still say that I miscarried my baby, I didn't.

My baby died.

I did nothing wrong.
I don't know why my baby died.
I have no explanation.
But, I do know where my baby is.
And, I know that I will see him again, one day!

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