Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I am a Mom

Many people do not know this unless they know me personally or read my blog.

You cannot tell by looking at me that I am a mother.
I have a child.

He is not here on earth with me, but he is mine.
I carried him, protected him, miss him, and love him!
I was never able to hold my baby in my arms, but it does not make me any less of a mother.

I had hopes and dreams for my child.  All of which changed on the day I found out he died.
A lot of things changed on that day!
I changed.
But, I am still a mom.

{There is a lot that goes to this conversation, but this is the part that matters!}
During a conversation, it was said to me that I was not a mother.  I looked at the person that said this and screamed, "I am a mother!  My baby died!"

Just because my child is in Heaven does not make me less of a mother.  I do things to honor and remember my son, instead of taking care of him.

On this earth, I will never get to see, touch, hold his hand, hug, or kiss my son.  I don't get to feed him, change him, bathe him, rock him, or put him to sleep.  I won't get to see his first steps, kiss his boo-boos, help him ride his bike, or play with him.

I do not get to share so many special moments with my son.  But, I do get to see him again!  We will meet in Heaven, one day!

Until that day, I get to honor and remember him.  I will talk about him.  I will always miss and love him!  I will do things for and in his memory!

So, no matter what anybody says: