Thursday, February 21, 2013

Three Months

Bo has now been in Heaven for longer than he was on earth.
For longer than he spent in my womb.

It has been 13 weeks and 1 day since my miscarriage.
I would be 25 weeks pregnant today.

Today, I should be registering gifts for my baby shower.  Planning the details, like what food would be served, what the theme would be, and who to invite.

Instead, I had a memorial for my baby boy.  I spent time thinking about him and doing things in his memory.

Brick Wall picture I did for Bo <3
Bo's origami coyote I made him
Bo's pebbles <3

Bo with his coyote

Bo's memory box I made him

Bo's memory box full of the special items

Bo's table
We love and miss you, Bo!  We think of you each and every day.
Happy 3 month Angelversary, baby boy! <3

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