Thursday, October 18, 2012

6 Weeks

10/11 thru 10/17


*Maternity clothes?*

*Stretch marks?*
Not yet!

Sleeping longer, better hours now.  Still having some crazy dreams.

*Best moment this week?*
My doctor's appointment when they confirmed my pregnancy and eased some of my worries by answering my questions.

*Miss anything?*
Not yet.

Still too early.

*Food cravings?*
I am still craving sweets, especially cinnamon rolls.

*Anything making you queasy or sick?*
Typical nausea throughout the week {no vomiting still! - yay!}, then on W6D6, I got extremely nauseous from the simplest smells.  Also, my prescription causes nausea, so yea, that sucks!

Too early to tell.

*Labor signs?*
Way to early for these.

*Belly button in or out?*
Definitely in.

Feeling better since I am almost through with my prescription, but still having crazy mood swings.  I go from laughing to crying to angry to laughing again in such little time, it is outrageous.  I am also getting super annoyed, super easily these days.

*Looking forward to?*
Finishing my prescription on Friday, 10/19.

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