Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pregnancy Questionnaire

So I found these super cute surveys and questionnaires on some other blogs, and I wanted to do them.
{I will be trying my best to do one for each week of my pregnancy, as well!}

*Is this your first child?*
Yes, it is the first child for both of us.  Our miracle baby.

*What day did you find out you were pregnant?*
Sunday, September 30, 2012 - Around 10:30 P.M.

*How did you feel when you found out?*
Disbelief & pure ecstasy.  Again our miracle baby.  Neither one of us thought we could have children.

*Who was with you when you found out?*
Justin, of course.  I took the test and left it laying on the bathroom sink to go get him so that we could read the results together.

*When is your due date?*
June 6, 2013

*Have you had an ultrasound?*
No, hopefully soon, though!

*Have you heard the heartbeat?*
No, not yet!

*Sex of the baby*
Too early to tell

*What do you want?  Boy or Girl?*
I personally have always wanted twins.  One boy and one girl.  But, I am happy with either.  I just want a healthy baby.

*Who is going to be with you when you deliver?*
Justin, and I would love for my mom to be there, but we live on different coasts of the U.S.

*Are you going to video tape the birth?*
Probably not.  I am not sure if it is even allowed.  But, I would love for pictures to be taken.

*Natural or medicated birth?*
We will see how it goes.  I would love to have a natural delivery, but if medications are needed, then so be it.

*Do you think you will cry when you first hold your baby?*

*Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold him/her?*
I am not sure, but I imagine it will be, "I love you," "Mommy loves you," or something along those lines.

*Are you scared about the labor?*
It is way to early for that.

*Do you have a name picked out?*
Actually, we do.  We have a name for a girl and a boy already chosen.

*Is your baby going to be named after anyone?*
Yes.  If it is a boy, the middle name will be after my brother who passed away.  If it is a girl, the middle name will be after Justin's father, who has also passed away.

*Did the daddy help pick out the name?*
Yes, he did.

*Have you felt the baby move?*
No, that is way too early.

*What was your first pregnancy symptom?*
I would have to say swollen, sore, tender boobs.

*Will you have godparents?*
We are not sure.  I would like to.

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