Saturday, October 27, 2012

7 Weeks

10/18 thru 10/24

<3 So in love with Baby Ortiz already <3

*Maternity clothes?*

*Stretch marks?*
No new ones!

Sleeping when I can.  Tossing and turning a lot, having a lot of lower back pain and hip pain, and my sciatic nerve has been bothering me.

*Best moment this week?*
When my momma gave me money to buy donuts and other great foods that I was craving!

*Miss anything?*
I actually wanted a Strawberry Daiquiri or some alcoholic beverage this week {which is kind of crazy because I haven't had alcohol in over 5 months}.

Still too early.

*Food cravings?*
Donuts, yogurt, fresh fruit, ice cream, Chinese, and Japanese.  I craved pretty much anything and everything that I did not have in my house at that time.

*Anything making you queasy or sick?*
Nothing in particular really, except eggs.  But not all eggs.  Only if I think about cooking them or seeing them cooked in my house.  I actually still want eggs, but I want them already made at a restaurant {like with a plate of food or on a sandwich}!  Weird!

Too early to tell.

*Labor signs?*
Way to early for these.

*Belly button in or out?*
Still in, and I still have my belly button ring in (don't know for how much longer, though!).

Very cranky and easily annoyed {think it has something to do with the pain I am in and the sleep I'm not getting}!

*Looking forward to?*
My prenatal care appointment on 10/25.

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